Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Rainbow Day

Hi all,
Sorry I've been away. My day time recreation has been dramatically cut by a little one with back to back colds and in the evening the computer is being used by my husband who is completing some post grad study. This is actually about two weeks old. We haven't had any playdough around here for a long long time but we finally got around to making a batch. This is the usual recipe. I don't add the food colouring until after it's cooked then Rainbow and I knead different colours into each portion. Rainbow requested we leave one portion white this time.

This is actually Moonshine's very first ever play with playdough. You can see how fascinated she was. I can't believe she's already rolling it (with chants of 'roll roll roll')!

Then as we already had the food colouring I decided to dye some new pasta for threading. Big pieces for Rainbow and little ones for Moonshine. Normally I put it in a jar and shake it but we didn't have any with lids so we ended up stirring it in a bowl. In this picture Rainbow is painting the food colouring onto the pasta. I did hear later, from Rainbow's grandmother (who is a kindy teacher) that they dilute dye with water and briefly immerse before spreading out to dry.

This is Moonshine having her first attempt at threading, onto a chopstick standing in a lump of playdough. A stationary pole is a good starting point. With Rainbow we then proceeded to the stiff texture of pipe cleaners (chenille sticks) before moving to shoe laces (or wool with tape wound around one edge)


  1. Welcome back! It's sometimes hard to carve the time to get blogging isn't it!
    Love the activity ideas! Yummy colours!

  2. Wow, Moonshine seems to have grown a lot since I last saw photos of her. Don't know if that's just because you haven't been around for a while in blogville or perhaps she's had a growth spurt. Either way, she's looking great. I love the movement of her hand in the first photo, and in the last you can definitely see the resemblance to her sister. I really like the graded development with threading idea - I hadn't thought of that but it makes great sense. I shall try chopsticks with J tomorrow.

  3. I love the chopstick idea, will try that x

  4. Those are such bright & colorful creations! I love them!