Friday, August 21, 2009

Oink Oink

This week Russell and Rainbow girl have been struck down with suspected swine flu. This has resulted in us spending nearly a whole week at home. It's actually been really good to slow down life. Thankfully Moonshine and I have remained healthy - magic stuff that breast milk! All that time at home has also resulted in Rainbow child now able to push her tricycle pedal nearly a half circle and Moonshine to sit up for short periods. Rainbow girl and I did a little piggy inspired craft making a spinning ballerina pig.

We saw this idea on "Play School". To make it spin you hold by the two ends of the ribbon, making a circle with one arm to wind it up. You then hold it upright and it spins.
I finally hot glued gunned the little button snouts on the three little pigs.

They are awfully cute with their button snouts. It makes me want to sew little pig softies.

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