Sunday, May 30, 2010

Over the hill and far, far, far away

I have forsaken my readers and I think they may have forsaken me! Or perhaps they just weren't that interested in the last post. Shall I try again.

I was feeling frustrated with my sewing so I have put it away and am working on my scrapbooks (will I ever catch up?) and also a few feltboards. The feltboards in part are to pack for our coming trip. (We're off to NSW for three weeks in July just for the fun of it.)

Here's my first set. This one is for Moonshine.

I used the template from though I shrunk it. It was a nice little sitting up in front of the heater at night project hand sewing the mother's bits.

Moonshine likes the ducks and carries them around saying "du du du". She's not so sure about the song (even though we sing it at swimming) and becomes quite agitated when the ducks go behind the hill and there is less returning each time. I end up singing it with one hand holding the hill down.
Also already one duck is missing a foot after the first time Rainbow acted it out. Such is life. They might all end up being legless ducks floating on a pond.


  1. Hi Kristine, I had been wondering when you would post again. I guess its life getting in the way of bloggong... as it tends to do! I am barely getting one post per month done at the moment and I don't have any little children around to use as an exuse! Hope all is well with you and your family.Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  2. A cute little set of felts. I should get some of ours out, we haven't played wit them in ages.