Friday, June 4, 2010

New Baby at the Zoo

We've had two trips to the zoo this week. The second one, today, was especially to see the new baby Rothschild giraffe that was born on Saturday. Here he is with his mother Misha.We are thrilled to have seen him. When we first arrived I could barely see his little head at the back of their enclosure and despite (what I thought was) a comprehensive description Rainbow could not see him. Thankfully we walked back that way as we were leaving and he was in view. He is just beautiful and his mother (for whom it is her 6th child) is very tender.
There is also some beautiful video footage on Perth Zoo's website.


  1. A lovely photo and what a great site for Rainbow to see. My younger sister's first sighting of a giraffe at a zoo was not so charming - it was a "happy" male with a very large, erect.... you know what. And of course she was very curious as to what it was!!

  2. Trips to the zoo do really put you face to face with lots of curly questions. A few months ago we were there in time to see the male elephant being taught to put his legs up on the females back. They teach it as a command so that when it does come time to mate - he will do it on command and she is use to his weight.

  3. Has Misha had another one? I used to be a Docent there. We're coming down in a week or so and the Zoo is definitely on the list.