Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bush Fairies

Last week Rainbow and I made these little bush fairies using wooden beads for heads and the seeds, nuts and buds from our Autumn nature table. Rainbow chose the pieces and I hot glue gunned them together. It was a quick craft to enjoy in the little break between Rainbow and Moonshine waking from their afternoon sleep. Moonshine was quite interested in it as we hastily packed away when she awoke. Funnily I happily let her pick up and play with anything and everything when we're in the bush but won't let her play with these in fear they might fall apart and get consumed! It was really very enjoyable and this week I came home with pockets full from our Sunday trip "out bush" for future creations including these gorgeous dried heart shaped leaves. Rainbow has also had a lovely time playing with these little fairies that now inhabit the papier mache mushroom that we made last winter.
You may remember our previous inhabitants were little felt fairies. Sadly they and their little 'Coloured Button's' doll's house got wet. The fairies felt hats and dressed ran staining their little faces. The house went soggy and collapsed and Rainbow is very keen for us to make a new one soon.


  1. These are adorable. I love how you have used a Sycamore seed for the wings. I've just finished a post on fun crafts with seed pods: http://www.marghanita.com/nature-play-magic-seeds/

    How charming!!

  2. I love these fairies! Perhaps they could come and sprinkle some magic dust our way?

  3. The fairies are soo cute, I love them! What a great idea.

  4. They are so sweet. I love crafts made out of nature bits and pieces.