Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Remember months ago I told you about Trixi's adorable little travelling doll's house. Well the other day I was showing my husband on the website and Rainbow saw the pictures and fell in love. So the other day we made one. When I say we I mean I made it to Rainbow's specifications while trying to keep tiny buttons out of Moonshine's grasp.
The photos are a little shoddy but isn't it so cute. At the moment it hasn't got a resident. Any ideas?

We followed it up with another 'home' activity where Rainbow could have more imput. This is another birthday card. The door and 3 of the windows contain little sticker animals. The other window has a birthday message.


  1. Sweet little house! I love the washing on the line! As for the houses resident, well thats really fun because you can use sooo many things. If you look at some of my other matchbox monday posts you'll see I've used different shaped wooden beads or pipe cleaners or small pebbles to make little creatures who may want to take up residency in the house!

  2. What about Mexican/Guatamalan worry dolls as possible residents or neighbours? And the birthday card is lovely. Flaps are always winners.

    {Now I'm smiling at the time difference - it says its 4.40am where you are - does this mean you're just about to wake up and make cookies? I'm just winding down with a cup of tea. But I like the difference - it reminds me the world really is big and amazing}

  3. I love Trixi's houses & yours are wonderfully cute as well !