Monday, November 9, 2009

Stomp Stomp

We went to 3 parties this weekend (a first, a second and a third). Each party ending with an enormous party bag. When I was little the party bag contained a handful of lollies. These days they contain drinks, chips, bags of biscuits, mini chocolate bars, games, toys, stickers and the lollies. Last year I use to take out all the toffee style lollies and lolly pops and drip feed the rest to her over several days but this year I've decided the best approach is to let Rainbow gorge and devour the whole bag. I think this is better for the teeth then periodically bathing them in sugar and also it reduces a little the idea of junk food as 'special'.

We often do this with meals too. If there is dessert we put it out with the main. Then Rainbow eats what she wants rather than holding out for dessert. Similarly if we're having something like a casserole (which Rainbow isn't so keen on) we serve hers with some things that she does like (maybe whole grain bread, yoghurt, fruit, cheese...). This means she can eat what she wants, her meal is basically healthy and there's no senses of cooking a special meal for a fussy eater.

This is the philosophy of a woman with a very sweet tooth!

Anyway - 3 parties this weekend. The first was a 2 hours drive (each way) on a fairly straight road so i decided to take one of my hand embroidery projects. I wish I'd packed the other one too as I had finished it in about 1/2 hour (even with passing it back to Rainbow for her admiration every 5 minutes.

To make the shirt I basically scanned and printed one of Rainbow's drawings so that it would fit on the t-shirt. I really love these early drawings. I also printed the writing. I then traced it on to interfacing and ironed it on. I used chain stitch for the elephant, backstitch for the writing at the top and to outline 'stomp' and satin stitch to fill it in. I've always hated how my satin stitch looks but I realised it's because I'm comparing it to machine stitching which looks so much flatter. I found this tutorial which helped.
One thing I discovered sewing in the car is how much easier it is sewing in daylight. You probably can't tell from the photos but some of the letters at the top are blue while others are black.

Rainbow loves her new top "It's so pretty." so I'm pleased.


  1. The top is so totally gorgeous! And I'm glad to hear that the weekend was spent partying - I was a little worried as you hadn't posted anything for a few days, but now I know it's just because you were eating yummy things and (hopefully!) having a good time!

  2. I really love Rainbows T-shirt! I did something similar on a quilt I made for my youngest daughter where I copied her drawings or a poem she liked onto squares of material and embroidered them. Thanks for letting me know about your husbands science girls making the matchbox houses. It's so much fun to see where that little house travels to! Would love to have seen what they looked like.