Monday, November 23, 2009

Making a Merbaby Outfit

I wouldn't normally dream of dressing my girls in matching outfits but rules are made to be broken. Here's Moonshine's outfit made from offcuts of Rainbow's plus a little tulle (15cm should do).

This is made from an existing pant pattern. Alternatively you could pick up a cheap pair of pants from an op shop and cut them up to draw your pattern.

Cutting the Pattern

I will insert the diagram showing how to cut it when I get a chance.

1. You extend the part that covers the nappy by 2cm. On some patterns the pants taper near the waist. You need to add the additional length in below this. I also tend to extend this part by another 2cm when making pants for babies as I find the cloth nappies are a bit bulkier.
2. Decide how long the pants are by measuring from the groin down the inner leg. Don't forget to add extra for the bottom hem.

Sewing it Up
There are two possible sequences for sewing pants. For this pair sew inner seam then front seam.

This will give you the front panel and back panel.

Next prepare the frills.
Cut 2 pieces 8 x 40cm of the tulle
Cut 2 pieces 6 x 40cm of the chiffon

Fold each piece in half. Lay the chiffon on top of the tulle so that the raw edges are in line.

Machine baste 1cm in, along the raw edge (largest stitch length, loosest tension). Pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric.

Measure from the groin to decide how high you want the frill. Draw a line with a fabric marker. This is a good chance to check that when you pin the front and back together that the frills will meet. Place the frill on the fabric and adjust the gathers so that the frill is the same length as the fabric. Thread both the top and bobbin thread through a needle and make a few small stitches to secure at both ends. Adjust the gathering so it looks even. Pin the frill to the pants so that the gathering is on top of the line with the frill facing up. Sew 1cm from edge of frill.

Flip frill down. Then fold fabric up. Sew in gutter to secure.

Repeat for the back of pants.
Finish Off
Sew pants together at the side.
Sew channel at top for elastic.
Finish hem of shorts. This pair I hemmed then sewed a thin piece of elastic along inside of hem. This gives a little frill.
The spotty pair has a channel with elastic in it.
I hope this make sense. Tell me if anything needs elaborating.

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