Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ladybird Ladybird fly away home

Not very long ago I had only five pins. Dress making is very challenging with only 5 pins. You probably shouldn't ask me how I came to only have five pins. It's a bit of a 'sore' point (literally and figuratively) with my husband. So I purchased this box from my local op shop.
I wonder what stories these little pins could tell. Have they held up a wedding dress, shortened a christening gown or held together a tea cosy . They have made history and now they're being redeployed. So to avoid a repeat of what happened to my last (unloyal) pins I made a pin cushion. I've never had a pin cushion and thought a wrist one would be very handy both at the machine, on the floor and in my arm chair. Now it's very lucky to have a ladybird land on you (unless you're an aphid then it's incredibly unlucky) so what better than a ladybird wrist cushion.
When Rainbow was little I made the little nappy bag that I carry in my handbag. I think it's as minimalistic as a nappy bag can be and contains a few compostable nappy bin bag, small container of wipes, one nappy and one nappy liner. The little ladybird that lives in the little pocket on the front is to distract mobile babies that don't want to lie on their back. It has a small bell inside. So this little felt ladybird was my model for the pincushion. The body is one piece (top and bottom) sewn together and stuffed. The wings are two heart halves sewn together. The spots are embroidered with satin stitch. The wings are joined to the body with a stitch at the top of each wing. They can be swivelled open and are good for holding needles.
The strap is two layers blanket stitched together. It closes with velcro.


  1. Lovely ladybird pincushion! I think you've got the beginnings of a story or a poem in them there pins - what they've seen, what they've felt, where they've been rescued from!

  2. I love the way the ladybirds wings swivel open!