Monday, November 2, 2009

Up Up Up

Can you tell what this is? The photo isn't so good and I kind of squished it with the tweezer.
Look who got their second tick! What sort of mother takes a photo before removing parasite from baby. Our ticks don't have lymes disease (like the ones in the northern hemisphere) or cause paralysis (like those in the eastern states). By the time I got the tweezers it actually had let go so Moonshine has no effect. Unlike me who's covered with itchy sores from weeks gone by. They seem to particularly like me. Two new ones from the weekends trip. I wondered at one point whether maybe they were breeding on me but they don't breed on animals. They drop off lay eggs in the grass. Then once hatched they climb up long grass where they stand with their front arms raised waiting to leap on a passing animal. Isn't that a cute image - little insects chanting 'up, up. up'.

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  1. Not on the subject of ticks but... I've started a flickr group for the tiny travelling dolls house and if you'd like to put your version up that would be great!