Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rainbow's Party Part 1

Did you guess the party theme from the birthday girl's party dress?

Yes Rainbow had a Rainbow party. A colourful theme for a colourful little 4 year old. Photos with details and without guests are a little light on but here we go.. There also all at the bottom of the post as Blogger is being 'uncooperative')

We decorated with the park with colourful balloons and a painted rainbow.

The rainbow is now blu tacked to Rainbow's bed head.

The table had a rainbow runner and lanterns.

Rainbow's Uncle Phil made summer rolls with a partial rainbow of fillings (red capsicum, carrot, snow peas) some included lemongrass pork and were served with nuoc cham. One Grandma made a rainbow platter of fruit, so the children could make their own rainbow skewers while the other Grandma made fairy bread. We also had Smartie cookies (cook at 160 to avoid smarties cracking), Rainbow jelly and Hotdogs cooked by Uncle Ben.

Followed by the Hidden Rainbow Cake. This made quite an impression though I think it tasted like playdough but that was probably a mind trick. I used the white cake recipe from Martha Stewart but would probably just choose a yellow cake that I liked next time. I used a butter frosting. I wanted to try Swiss Meringe frosting but decided to stick with what I know. The little doll on top of is a Le Vans doll house doll which I dressed to match Rainbow's dress. She's holding (with a little help from a pin in her dress) a lollypop with a paper 4 on it. (just wet and press on)

For entertainment the kids could make rainbow felt flowers as shared by Montessori Mama. The kids wore these as wrist corsages and in their hair. You can just see Rainbow's on her wrist. To make it easy for me to cut out that many flowers in advance, our flowers were star shaped.
We also played a colourful and co-operative (rather than competitive) version of musical chairs. We spread out lots of hoola hoops. I called out a colour and the kids had to stand in a hoop of that colour. To win everyone had to be inside a correctly coloured hoop. As the game progressed we removed hoops so that the children had to work together (inviting, sharing, squeezing in and balancing) to ensure everyone could fit in the hoop.

Favours We ended the party by giving out rainbow bibs to the babies and the "treasure chest at the end of the rainbow" to the kids. For these we used the template we used for our mermaid board game.

We filled this with a mirror with instructions for making rainbows at home, a box of smarties, Rainbow lolly bracelet, a Killer python and loose colourful lollies (skittles, jelly beans).