Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mermaid's Treasure

Here's a little game that Rainbow and I whipped up. The board is so simple to put together. The drawings show what we saw down the river on Sunday. Can you spot the jellyfish with all of it's tentacles, the fish, the seagull with it's long legs and the man standing on the jetty?
The long line at the top is the sky. This is the first time Rainbow has included it in a drawing. Here is the link for the treasure chest it's filled with chocolate coins and a piece of sea glass.
This game is quite challenging for a three year old. She only recognises 1,2 and 3 and doesn't really have one to one correspondence - in other words she counts and moves the mermaid forward but not at the same rate. She also gets distracted by who's turn it is and also tries to move forward the number already showing on the dice. Despite this Rainbow loves playing and the accompanying dialogue between the mermaids about what they see on their journey!


  1. This would be a fun game for our little one. They love mermaids and treasures!

  2. I love the idea of having treasure at the end of the game.

  3. Does she get upset if she doesn't win? That's quite a prize at the end.

  4. Brimful Curiosities - Rainbow doesn't yet seem to get the whole 'winning' thing. I'm not sure if it's developmental, personality or lack of exposure. She's more like "Come on mermaid. Hurry up so we can open the treasure chest."
    Also the treasure is a bit of a deception. We don't always eat the chocolate at the end of the game. More often than not the mermaids just have fun playing in the chest.
    This game is good in that it is purely chance. We have a couple of commercial games that use memory and it's much trickier to play with a child because you have to try to handicap yourself.

  5. I'd love to play this game with you guys! It looks a lot of fun.

  6. It's always fun playing games you make doesn't matter what the rules are or aren' 're just having fun because it's your game and your idea! Those two little mermaids look like sweet playing companions!