Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Guess who drew this?

Yes, it's Moonshine's very first piece of art. She kept at it for quite a while and was very interested in trying out all of the textas. Though in true one year old style she was paying attention to all sorts of going ons in the room as she drew.

It's got me thinking about how I can include Moonshine in some of my Rainbow and my craft sessions - particularly when she eventually gives up her morning sleep.

Also as far as firsts go - Moonshine is doing a little walking. I say a little as the most she's done is 5 steps and the steps are not necessary in the direction she's heading. She took her first step about two weeks ago and it (like most of her walking ventures so far) was from where she was sitting to me. She's a true Mama's girl at the moment.

Something else exciting that's changing around here is Rainbow's drawings. Her drawings appear to be showing her experimenting with conventions. We've seen the addition of sky and some background information and also she's playing around with animals facing side on rather than towards the audience (as you'll see in the next photos). I remember touching on the development of drawing at uni but it's amazing watching it first hand.

Let me show you this sequence. These drawings are all elephants, drawn about 4 months apart.

This is mid June 09. This was one of her very first drawings. It has a smiley face, a trunk in the air and a tail.
This is mid October (I think). It's a bit hard to see but it now has more correctly positioned ears, tusks and a trunk and four legs.

This was last week. The face is still facing the audience but the trunk is now in the direction it's heading. Absolutely fascinating....

For me at least!

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  1. Wow you have got two little artists!! Very cute elephant drawings and very interesting to see the progression x