Sunday, March 28, 2010


We tried baking 'crackle cookies' the other day. Have a google and you'll find many recipes. You basically roll the dough into a ball and roll in icing sugar before baking. The result inspired a 'crackle art' easter egg.
1. Draw an egg design and colour in using crayon. You want to completely colour in the egg and press quite hard.
2. Cut out the egg.
3. Scrunch it up into a tight ball and then carefully open it out and flatten.

You'll notice this 'rubs' off some of the crayon.
5. Paint over the top. We used water colours but you could use food die or poster paint.

The paint fills in where the crayon was rubbed off and you have a crackled egg.


  1. It's been a long time since I made those chocolate cookies. May need to find my recipe!

  2. Brilliant! Simple and beautiful. I've had my eye on these for ages:

    Annie writes a beautiful blog and always has lovely sounding recipes and great photos. I think you might enjoy her writing.

  3. Fantastic! I've just realised I've run out of glue and the activity I promised tomorrow morning is off, I think these might make an acceptable replacement.