Monday, March 29, 2010

A different perspective

I would say I'm very against little girls in bra tops. Immediately the issues of sexualisation of little girls and girls as young as 3 developing eating orders in the pressure to look as society expects.
But tonight I saw the other side of the picture.

Rainbow found two breast pads that I'd removed from my bathers and was proudly wearing her boo boos (breasts). As I carefully helped her put her pyjamas on while holding her boo boos in place I momentarily thought about sewing her a bra to hold her boo boos in place. I then watched her sit on my bed and lovingly give her baby boo (breastfeed). I must point out here that all of her and Moonshine's babies are bottle fed despite that Rainbow was a very enthusiastic breastfeeder and Moonshine still is.

I suddenly saw the other side of little girls in bra tops. The desire to be like their mothers and do as their mothers do.
PS This is an old photo - I felt rude offering you another post without pictures. It's of Rainbow pumping not long after Moonshine's birth.

PPS There's still no chance of Rainbow getting a bra top! (handmade or otherwise


  1. Interesting perspective!! Maybe its something for just at home??


  2. So sweet! You are right - it is all about context. It is great that you let her continue with her imaginative play. If you hadn't you would never have seen that touching moment. :-) Enjoy your day!

  3. It's a lovely photo - Rainbow's eyes are beautiful.

    And this is a great post. Helping keep our eyes and hearts open is something kids are great at doing.