Monday, February 1, 2010

Preventing "Crafting in a Drought"

I'm trying something different. I've filled a box full of valentines themed things for Rainbow to use as she wishes. It has punches, stickers, wrapping paper, cut up paintings, ribbons...
In the past few months she's really starting to develop her own projects like one night when she punched around the edge of a piece of paper and threaded wool in and out of the holes.

Since she was about 2 1/2 I've tried to have a variety of craft material (textas, crayons, useful box and collage box) and all of her tools (tape, scissors, single hole punch, glue) always available for her to access. But the good stuff (glitter, pipe cleaners, ribbons...) I've had hidden away. The problem with this is those things become more exciting and more valuable than other craft materials then when you pull them out the child goes mad and uses it all up in one sitting hence the crafting in a drought.

Rainbow was really excited about her box of goodies. Here she is busy at work. Her craft style is very much like mine - she has several projects on the go and always coming up with new ideas. On her desk is a collage (glitter and wool). She is sitting on the floor cutting ribbons to make into bandages for the dolls. The doll on the rug was set up on the blanket on the floor before she began as she would worried she might cry. This little doll also accompanied us in the sling to the post office and the park today.

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  1. Oh how our daughters would get along. My daughter has an entire desk filled with crafty supplies. I'm jealous as she gets to spend hours a day crafting! Glad to hear the notebook arrived.