Monday, February 15, 2010

Moonshine's party

We had a lovely picnic yesterday to celebrate Moonshine's birthday. I think everyone had a lovely day, except perhaps Moonshine herself - who like any sensible one year old would of been happier curled up with her Mama playing with toys. Moonshine did have a change of heart on seeing her birthday cake. She absolutely loves strawberries so spent the birthday song frantically gesturing and babbling at the chocolate dipped strawberries.

I kind of think 1st birthday parties are really a celebration for the family rather than the child so it was a little more restrained than Rainbow's party. We did though make some pretty cool party bags.

These strawberries were filled with heart shaped lollies, heart shaped chocolates, cherry coconut chocolates, bubbles and heart hair clips for the girls.

This really cool template can be found all over the place on the Internet but most people seem to credit it back to this site. This site is a bit of a gold mine full of great templates.

I ended up redrawing the template as I couldn't enlarge it to take full advantage of an A4 page. To give the strawberry more definition I went around the edges and the fold lines with red chalk and added white chalk seeds.

Each curved portion is then punched and a piece of green twine is weaved through. Both ends are then threaded through the leaf to form the stalk.


  1. Happy Birthday Moonshine! What a yummy cake. Found your blog a few days ago so wanted to say Hi. You have lots of great craft ideas, I have loved reading through your past posts. We lived in Adelaide for a couple of years but now live back home in the UK, so it is great to see life back in Oz, we miss it very much x

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Your cake looks absolutely delicious! Lu & and I want to try making the strawberry bags. Thanks!

  3. That cake looks very delicious indeed! And the bags are great. Thanks for the tip about the site.

  4. Wow, love those strawberry bags! I'm actually trying to design a large strawberry cushion for some of the older girls in my class to make!
    Found this blog the other day, thought you might like it

  5. Hi everyone - what a great surprise seeing 4 comments. It makes me wish I had something to post.

    Emily - thank-you! I will come and check your blogs out soon, Promise! It's lovely making new friends.

    Kim - it is quite a kid friendly project. Rainbow almost made one herself. She traced, decorated (own pictures) and half cut out before losing interest! I've also thinking through about making a little felt drawstringbag from the template.

    Trixi - yes I've discovered that blog. She does some really fun craft with and for her girls. Also if you do relocate the fabric bowl link I would love to see it. A strawberry cushion is a lovely idea - I had a flat one my mum made me on my bed when I was little. I also had a heart shaped one with a lace frill around it that I made in year 8 sewing.

    Zoe - no problems I thought you might like it.