Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kersplat - experimenting with splatter painting

We've been experimenting with splatter painting recently. I say experimenting as we had some success and some failures. For these activities we used watered down poster paint.
We tried
1. Rubbing paint through a sieve. We just ended up with a dirty sieve!

2. Flicking the bristles of an old children's toothbrush but found we only got an occasional drop not really a splatter. I think this may be due to the short bristles.
3. Dripping paint from a small squeezy bottle. This created lots of drops and you could move the bottle to draw with the drops. Rainbow found that she didn't have the hand strength to do this for long.
4. Dripping paint off the paint brush.
4. Flicking a paintbrush over our finger and created a variety of different sized droplets.

5. Making relief pictures. Here Rainbow cut out hearts and placed them on the paper. It would also look great as a night sky with skyscrapers in relief or raindrops with white clouds. It's also great after a walk using collected leaves.
Then peel off the hearts.

The hearts can then be used for another purpose.

6. Using a whole arm movement to flick the paint loaded paint brush onto the paper. This was definitely Rainbow's favourite.
It made a humongous mess but we had interesting chats about how the paint dots formed lines and how the dots got further apart as we cleaned the table, floor, window...

This picture is 'fireworks' and includes a variety of different methods. The white whole arm splatting has made the colours mix.

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  1. I'd like to join in if I may! Looks like lots of fun (and one brave mum!). The relief pictures are especially effective. If you can get pipettes from an art store Rainbow might find them easier than a squeezy bottle. I know M is a bit older than Rainbow, but M can manage a pipette just fine for making drops and splatters.