Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Moonshine

This time one year ago I was about 15 minutes away from having little Moonshine. In a bathtub having a major "I can't do this" kind of moment.
Tonight both girls are in bed and my little Moonshine has just had her first birthday.

So what have I learnt in the past year about this little girl.
We call her our little lover. She is affectionate, full of smiles, cuddles and kisses.
She's determined - she concentrates so intently on what ever she does. She is very hard to distract from what she wants and not the slightest bit intimidated by other kids.

Happy Birthday my little one.

Her cupcakes are topped with butter cream and little homemade white chocolate hearts. (some has been tinted with red powdered food colouring)


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Moonshine! And many congrats to you Kristine - kids' birthdays should also be about celebrating our survival and joys of parenting I think!

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  3. Definitely Zoe - especially that first year!