Friday, January 8, 2010

Cheat's Kangaroo and birthday cards

We had a lovely time at the party.

If you'd like to know more about the endangered bilby you may like to check out this page.

I had planned on making a costume for Moonshine but it's hard to be motivated when she'll outgrow it quickly. Instead opted for a top with a pocket to be her pouch and a little kangaroo joey. (Mind you half the guest thought Rainbow was a kangaroo). The joey didn't spend much time in the pocket! Actually for much of the party Moonshine (and several of Rainbow's friends) wore the bilby ears!

Rainbow and I also had an exciting moment when we saw the dingo out for a walk with his keeper but Rainbow was confident that he would know she was just a "pretend dingo".
For the two birthday kids' cards Rainbow and I made finger puppets. You put your finger through the holes to be the animal's legs. Rainbow made a lion and a monkey. The white stuff on the monkey is glue - it dries clear - I was just a little quick with my photography.
I also made a quick pair of puppets for Rainbow to play with. These little guys like to dance, run, march, jump, kick a ball....
I've been playing around with cards that double as toys. Here's two others we've made recently. This one used Zoe from Playing by the Book's very cool templates. This converts quite magically from 2D to 3D with a few easy folds. Rainbow's hoping to go see the robotic dinosaur temporary exhibit at the museum soon so I'm thinking this may inspire us making a "whole world of Zoe dinosaurs" to play with. Yes, something terrible happened to his tail. That's what happens when you make the card 10mins before the party. I had to balance him with a bit of blu tac between his stumpy tail!
This card is a water painted fairy ballerina. If you rub the skewer between two fingers or your palm she twirls.


  1. Oh, my daughter would love making a fairy ballerina like that!

  2. You WON the Bakery Memo Pad!

    Email me your address and I'll get in the mail to you!

  3. So pleased to see you made a dinosaur! I love the idea of making the ballerina pirouette - I shall certainly be trying that one out.

  4. I must make the ballerina for my daughter!!! Thank so much for the idea. Just love love love it!

  5. I always expect the unexpected when I pop by to see you, and you never disappoint. Interesting idea about the supply list.
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