Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hatching Inspiration

At the moment, with it being less than a month to her first birthday, it's all about Moonshine.
I've got two homemade presents on the drawing board.
Well the first is actually done. I'll tease you with a peak. Do you recognise the eyes? They're inspired by a animated television character from the 80s.
Have a guess in the comment section. I must admit I can't see it now that it's sewn.

Present number 2 is a nest full of baby birds. I've played around with a few ideas. At first I was thinking something realistic looking like and I wanted it to be interactive. Given that a one year old loves filling and emptying but still has limited motor skills, the objects needed to be a shape that stood stabely and would fit into the nest easily. So I googled "flat based birds"and one of the images I got was a little EGGie. He's basically a modified 4 panel ball pattern and goes together really easy. He's cute in a goofy kind of way with those big eyes. Wouldn't he make a cute Easter Presents.
But..... Add bird paraphernalia (wings, a tail, eyes and a beak) and you have a hungry little chicks. I' haven't quite worked out the face but I'm thinking upward looking eyes imploring Mama bird to "Feed Me, Feed Me"
So here's my first prototype in calico on the right. On the left is a more bird like bird that I played around with. This one has a rocking base that Rainbow enjoyed playing with. This one also is really easy to piece together. I used this chickummyjig pattern. Oh by the way I printed the templates at 50% for both, making the egg shape one about 6cm tall.
Here is the side view.

I'd already brought the fabric. The purpley hues were to mix and max for the birds while the green were for the nest.
But when I tried it out. I was more drawn to the natural calico. I also am really enjoying embroidery at the moment and calico is nice to work with.

So next thought calico with fabric paraphernalia.
Meanwhile I'm thinking about Flip and Flap and Flutter. The birds from "Stellaluna". I'm also finding the tiny beaks frustrating.
So opt for felt with her name embroidered above her downward facing tail. Her eyes will be embroidered too.
She looks a little like a flamenco dancer with those wings. Perhaps she needs something on their head or a rose between her beak.

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  1. So sweet! I can't wait to see you little nest finished and full!

    I am racking my brain...those eyes do look vaguely familiar.

    My only suggestion regarding stamping is the larger the stamp the better. It is hard for little ones to stamp and lift without smearing. If you are going to try the bubble packing sheets cut into large shapes that is easier. Have them lightly place piece down, rub and then lift a corner and pull slowly to see print revealed. Good luck!