Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Luna Park

One of our favourite things after visiting or doing something interesting is too relive it at home.
Here's our version of Luna Park. Luna Park is a theme park in Sydney right on the river next to the Harbour Bridge. This first photo isn't mine and I'm hoping it's Sydney as there is a second Luna Park in Melbourne. Here are our train people entering through the iconic Luna clown face.
Next they had a ride on the ferris wheel. This is one of my creations. This might sound strange but I've always wanted to build a ferris wheel.

Then on to the carousel. Another of my creations. The plate is secured to the yoghurt lid with a tack so that it can spin. The people are secured on to the carousel animals with rolls of sticky tape hence the crazy angle of the man riding on the frog.
Next a ride on Rainbow's roller coaster. Moonshine enjoyed spinning the above two rides but she particularly enjoyed screaming as she maneuvered the car down the steep incline.

Finally here's Rainbow's own invention. Coming soon to a theme park near you. It's called something like luminator and it's like a hovercraft that lifts off then flys around. The passengers can lie or sit in it.


  1. Wow, Kristine i've just read through your holiday in Sydney post and I'm
    exhausted and it seems that even though you're back at home the holiday fun is continuing!! You comment about me telling the lorrikeet off for not sharing was spot on...one of those naughty little birds refused to share and would peck his/her mate when they went to drink.i'm glad you enjoyed Sydney and that we behaved ourselves while you were here. If you come again I can tell you some amazing beaches you can visit! Have a lovely night.

  2. If we'd had one more day - Sydney beaches were next on our list. I'm surprised to discover you live in / near Bondi because the way I imagine Bondi beaches (largely from "Bondi Rescue"!) is quite different from the peaceful beach that you've photographed on your blog.

  3. I love this park! I would want to go on all the rides :-)

  4. Hi Zoe,
    These rides are as 'extreme' as I go! I'm already thinking once the girls are too old for little kid rides I'll have to encourage their Aunty Rosie to take them to the Royal Show!