Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stay Home All Day

We had a lovely 'stay home all day' day yesterday. We don't do this very often but it was a lovely day. We designed a great train track, painted, played in the garden and ticked off an activity that's been on the list for a while waiting for such a day.

Rainbow has been asking great questions recently like "How are houses built?" A few weeks ago Rainbow asked me "How do you make bread?" so today we did.

I actually own a bread maker but don't really use it much but today we made bread from scratch.

We did it all - mixing, kneading, proving, knocking down, kneading, shaping, proving...

It turned out really well and we ate it still warm with vegemite for Moonshine, raspberry jam for Rainbow and home made lemon butter on the crust for me. Rainbow's response was "It taste different to bread" as she ate it all.


  1. That looks like a gorgeous loaf! And home made lemon butter... mmm.
    I sometimes have to remind myself that being at home all day can be an absolute treat - my default position is one where we're out and about doing stuff - I think since becoming a mum I've felt a bit trapped on days when I've had to stay at home all day (eg when kids are ill or I'm waiting for a delivery). But then on days when we are at home all day (and we're healthy) they nearly always turn out to be extra special. Your post reminded me of that - thank you.

  2. Your bread looks amazing! Making bread is on my to do list and hopefully it will happen very soon! I now make my own jam, I made cottage cheese today and have been trying to master making chocolate yeast cake...all quite yummy!

  3. That looks very yummy. I made bread yesterday too. I usually make it every other day or so. I have a breadmaker but only use it for the dough setting so I don't have to do the hard work!! Then I take it out, knock it back, shape and dump back into bread machine for an hour... then out again, knocked back and this time shaped and placed on a floured tray in a plastic bag to rise for the 3rd time... then into a mega hot oven for total yumminess. I've experimented with timings and number of rises, but 3 is seemingly the optimum as two just doesn't seem to give me the right consistency...

    Love the taste, the smell, the texture, and best of all, what's not in it!!

    Have fun x

  4. Hi Zoe, I'm learning to 'be' at home too. I don't know why but I somehow tend to find it easier to be out and about most of the day.

    Hi Trixi, I love home made jam too. The fruit flavour tends to be stronger. Chocolate yeast cake sounds unusual. I'll have to google it.

    Hi Emma, Your dead right about knowing whats in what you eat and being able to leave out all of the preservatives ... How you use your bread maker is how I use mine - just to make the dough (though I don't knead myself and I'm much less frequent)

  5. Mmmm there is nothing like homemade bread, yummy!