Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Retro Baking

My mother is not a baker by that I mean it's not something that she terribly enjoys or would choose to do. Where as I am always trying out new recipes, she however has a number of signature dishes that she has mastered and can call on when the occasion arises. Lemon Coconut Slice (pictured centre) was one of them. Through out my childhood when ever she was require to 'take a plate' this would be her offering.
Today Russell was rostered on providing morning tea so I decided slices were the way to go.
Mars Bar Slice Lemon Coconut Slice and Raspberry Coconut Slice
There great for that kind of thing particularly for the busy Mum and are good for serving large numbers. The first two are even non-bake. The final one does require baking but ever so simple. Blend the pastry in the food processor and squish into the tray. Bake. Spread on jam straight from jar. Pour on eggs whisked with sugar. Bake The other great thing about slices is you don't have to be really careful about the measuring so perfect for kids in the kitchen. There is also lots of 'getting hands dirty' kind of jobs - snapping chocolate, squishing into the tray, spreading icing, stirring melted chocolate...
Have I convinced you? If so here are the recipes I used.
If you do make the last one, I know it says to let it cool in the pan (so it doesn't fall apart) but do steal a slice while the jams still hot and gooey. Cooks privilege!

So do you have a favourite recipe that you always fall back on?


  1. I'm a slice fan too when I need to bring a plate! The all time favourite is a coconut walnut slice I found in a womens weekly cookbook about 20 years ago, I'm not a fan of coconut or walnuts but everybody loves it so I keep on making it...I guess there are advantages of making cakes you don't like need to worry about all those calories!

  2. Our go to recipie is chocolate biscuit fridge cake. My daughter is a dab hand at making this with a serious amount of chocolate and butter, and never does a piece come back from school!

    I'm with Trixi [hi Trixi :)] on the coconut so I never tend to make anything with it as I don't buy it. But these do sound like a good thing to take to our leaving party (eh, must arrange it first!!)

    Have fun x

  3. Hi Emma and Trixi,
    I wouldn't count myself as a huge coconut fan - I wouldn't eat coconut ice-cream though I must say I have drunk my fair share of pinacoladas! I do however like coconut in cakes particularly the shredded type teamed with lime or lemon. It makes a moist yet chewy cake or muffin.

    Also Emma - I can imagine the serious amount of butter and chocolate. The non-bake slices seems to be essentially fat and sugar.
    These slices would be great for a going away party. Particularly if you've already packed up all your baking things. Even better 'encourage' someone else to host it!

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment! You sound like you like a good easy yummy recipe just like me. Next tome you visit my blog do a search for the chocolate crunch recipe. It is a quick and easy recipe that uses things from your pantry. Great for when you forget about morning teas and have to whip up something fast'

  5. Hi Meeks,
    We use to call a similar slice 'Chocolate Weatbix Slice'. It doesn't sound very appetising but it's one of those things that once you start eating you keep eating. It also includes coconut - that must have been the 'star' ingredient in slice's hayday. I might give it a go for mothers group on Friday!