Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nest + handle = basket

Yesterday I made a nest basket using the nest pattern I a few months back. I adapted to make the point (base of the basket) bigger and the rectangular portion (height of the basket) shorter. I made it with a felt outer and fabric inner with the intention of appliqueing and embroidering flowers on the front but time got away. It's a little too flimsy to use as an egg collecting basket but looks good displaying the rainbow dyed eggs.

In these photos it is holding cupcakes for a morning tea at my mother in law's house. It is also resting on a plate to hold it secure when I carried it.
These little cupcakes are topped with chocolate icing with a border "Flake" to resemble a nest. You could use grated chocolate if you don't have flakes in your part of the world. I had hoped to use those little bird's egg sugar coated chocolate eggs but couldn't find any. They are my little brother's favourite so I'll have to see where he gets his.
Some of the eggs have already hatched!

And here are the girls. Rainbow insisted that she needed an Easter egg dress - a little short notice for me but we agreed that polka dots look a lot like eggs. Hence both girls are in polka dots.

I just looked up to see both girls eating chocolate eggs when they should be eating their dinner. Russell and I are off to dinner (only the second time since Moonshine's arrival) for our 6th wedding anniversary. Please cross your fingers that Moonshine sleeps until we return.


  1. Happy wedding anniversary!

    The girls look gorgeous in their Easter outfits.

  2. Love your nest basket and all your little cupcake nests. ( I think that basket might be a version of the fabric bowl/ball of yours that I still have on my to-do list!) I'm wondering if the days on the other side of Australia are longer than 24 seem to always get so much done!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful night out! Happy Anniversary! The girls look adorable!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary, have a good one!

    Love the pictures, your girls are so cute x

  5. Extremely cute bunnies! Hope you had a wonderful night out and a special wedding anniversary.