Monday, April 19, 2010

One last Easter Craft

I know Easter was two weeks ago. Finally the kids have polished off the last chocolate (or so they think - insert evil laugh!) The egg cups have been put away. The bunny ears have retired to the dress up box. But what do you do with those beautiful dyed eggs.....

Easter Egg Mosaic - Very simple and all that egg smashing is quite simple.

dyed eggs
glue (I used school glue. If you want it to last a little longer before the pieces fall off then you'll want to use something stronger like PVA)
1. Cover entire page with glue.
2. Break the egg shells into quite large pieces.
3. Position a broken piece of egg on the page. The inside of our submerged eggs are a paler version of the outside colour so you can choose to position shells outside or in. Then crush onto the page. If you hold the shells down as you crush them, they stick better.

4. Use your finger to crush smaller pieces until the pieces are all flat against the page.

5. Rainbow had fun smashing a few whole eggs that I hadn't broken up.

Rainbow really enjoyed this and created 3 pieces in the one session. The coloured paper gives an interesting effect. The red one she described as fish swimming in the ocean. The blue one as fireworks.


  1. Gorgeous! We have some died eggs still sitting here and I've been thinking we should do a mosaic, these look fun.

  2. I love the idea and effect of keeping the egg shell pieces fairly large and then squashing them on the paper - I hadn't thought of that. And I guess it makes handling the shell easier as well - a lot less fiddly.

  3. A great, green craft! I may dye more eggs just so I can do this!