Monday, April 26, 2010

That Dress

I finally finished the two knit dresses that provided me with so much angst.

I'm pleased with how they turned out. Having sewn two of these dresses it's actually quite an easy pattern, though I'm a bit inexperienced at setting seams. It also looks comfortable on. It's such a retro style - I can imagine myself wearing it fifteen years ago (still retro as it's really my Mum's generation) with knee high boots.

End Note:
Here's Moonshine (with a few toys she brought over) climbed onto the tea trolley with the overlocker, waiting for Mama to finish sewing and come and play.
I know this photo isn't in focus but I love the cheeky look on Moonshine's face.


  1. It's a beautiful style of dress. Making me wish I had a girl (not that I'm a very good sewer anyway)

  2. Absolutely darling dresses, Kristine! Love the flare sleeves and the A-line style! Little girls are so much fun to sew for, right?!

  3. They turned out beautifully! And I love the sparkles, very special.