Friday, April 30, 2010

A Real Life Author - Writing a Touch and Feel Book

I thought about calling this post - the belated belated. This is my belated posting of the belated present that Rainbow made for Moonshine's birthday.
It was strongly inspired by the lovely touch and feel book that Zoe (from Playing by the Book) 's daughter M created.
Where as M started with a scrap of fabric that she then transformed into a picture, Rainbow started with an idea that she drew and then choose a fabric to suit. I then helped her to cut the fabric to fit.

Moonshine is really enjoying her book - she loves the song, she loves touching the pictures and loves trying to make the animal sounds. It's really where she's at, at the moment.

And Rainbow she enjoyed the longer process of making the book and was proud of the result. She enjoyed helping look for the letters and once I'd finished the first animal sound (on each page) she enjoyed ordering the letters into the words. She (and I) also enjoy the singing and the touching and the animal sounds too!


  1. Rainbow did an amazing job! I love the lion :-)

  2. What a beautiful gift. I think my son would be into making a book like this. We just finished making a lift the flap book which he is so proud of.

  3. What a great book! I think it's really lovely to show kids that presents don't have to be things you buy.

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I hope you will be posting your son's book. I have been thinking about making one for Rainbow since she was one but would probably be even better fun doing it with her.

  5. Oh Kristine, this is just so lovely. I'm so glad you posted about it! It will become a real keepsake I'm sure.

  6. Hi Kristine,

    Just checking in with you and hoping all is well. I hope everything is ok and that you've just been busy having fun.