Saturday, September 5, 2009

Babies and Growing Up

Early Friday morning my nephew J entered the world. A planned ceaser brought forward by a baby who wanted to choose his own birthdate. A full moon baby like Little Moonshine. A second boy to balance our two girls.
Welcome Little One!

Rainbow girl was very excited and couldn't stop staring at baby J. She then got quite agitated when we left to go home. She couldn't understand why we weren't taking baby J with us. All the way home she asked about her birth "What happened after I was born?" "Why did I cry?" "Did Mama rock me to sleep?" Rainbow told us that she remembered being born. Later that night she told her Dadda that she wanted Mama to have another baby. When he pointed out that we already had a baby she said that she would have a baby but not until she was a lady.

Tonight she cried. She commented that she was looking forward until she was a baby again. When I gently pointed out that she was growing up and would never be a baby again, she cried. Pure devastation. I asked her what part she missed and she answered "I miss being born."

I miss her being born too.

I don't miss her labour or her delivery but would live the moment of each of my daughters' births over and over again.

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