Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Jobs and Night Jobs

I only sew at two times - during afternoon nap time and after the girls are in bed. Occasionally I try to complete a task as the girls wake but this is the consequence.

Yes, I did leave her with the scissors while I went to collect the camera. Later she actually had the blade of my very sharp fabric scissors in her mouth!

PS the fabulous quilt Moonshine is sitting on was made for Rainbow by her Auntie Rosie. Moonshine has one too. They are such fun handy quilts to have around. I often go out with one draped over my handbag and Moonshine will often bring hers out to play Lego or do jigsaws on.

Day jobs

* tracing patterns

* pinning patterns

* cutting big pieces

* machine sewing

Night jobs - cosy in my armchair by the heater

* ironing seams

* cutting small pieces

* pinning big pieces

* hand sewing

At the moment I have more night jobs than day jobs as I have had a few early nights. I've also decided to put everything on hold and sew a pair of overalls for our cold trip south for the long weekend. I have to have it done by Thursday. Only thing is I haven't brought the pattern out (of Moonshine's sleeping study) so I can't start today. Not sure if that is realistic as it's not a fiddly project but it is lengthy.

I narrowly escaped a parking fine this morning. (VENT - I'm a rates payer but can only park for free from 9- 11 and 3 - 8. Which means to go in after Moonshine's morning sleep means I have to pay for parking. VENT finished!) Anyway I was 15 minutes late back to find an inspector writing a ticket. Thankfully he saw me, with Moonshine in the sling and pushing Rainbow in the pram with the other arm and felt sorry for me. I'm very very grateful as my not particularly successful op shopping trip would have been poorly offset by a $25 fine. So thank you, thank you thank you.

My not so successful op shopping trip.

My targets

* winter size 0 clothes for Moonshine - nothing. I did get her a couple of cute summer things.

* black embroidery cotton - nothing

* crappy toys to distract bored children in the car. I spent $7 and got some plastic little toys for Moonshine to explore. A magnetic book with magnets for Rainbow (and 1 for her cousin) and 3 Pinocchio jigsaws. Not sure if this is good value. It will eventually all end up back in a collection bin - kind of like a loan system.


  1. Well I guess this is a case of if mum likes scissors they've got to be good!

  2. This blog is fantastic Kris!!! I feel like we miss out on family life a bit living so far away, so it's lovely to see your projects and how the girls are growing up.
    I love the nature table idea and I'd like to put in an order for a tiny mushroom house complete with fairies - they are adorable. I'm focused on my 18000 piece jigsaw puzzle at the moment, but once it is out of the way and we get table space back again you've inspired me to start some creative projects myself.
    All my love to you, Russell, Rainbow Girl and Moonshine.
    Katherine xxx