Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Furry Green Frog

I did it - I finished Moonshine's overalls in time for going away. The weather has been so glorious this past two weeks since we returned that she hasn't worn them since the trip and may not - though they have a little room to grow lengthwise so I'm hopeful they will still fit come autumn otherwise they may be worn on spring evenings out.

When I brought the pattern Rainbow loved overalls but had outgrown the pairs she had been given. At the time she was fairly newly out of nappies so I liked the Velcro closure to enable her to easily undress. I wanted something a little warmer so I used cord for Rainbows and a fake fur for Moonshine. Given the more wintry fabric I removed the side ties and replaced them with a simple shirring elastic loop and button and removed the ankle gathering. Moonshines is also missing the pocket partly because I was in a hurry and partly because an 8 month old has no use for a pocket unlike a 2 year old who can store anything from rocks to sausages in hers.

Rainbow's are too short and about to be retired until Moonshine grows big enough. I can't see myself making more overalls for her as her love of overalls has been outgrown by a love of ballerina skirts and fairy dresses.

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  1. I wouldn't mind some of those furry green frogs in my garden!