Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Icecream Pants and Spotty Dotty

(Don't you name all of your outfits!)
A few finished outfits to parade. It's more challenging getting a posed photo of Rainbow then it is making them! Both of these outfits are from the same pattern. I'll write it in when I get a chance. I use to avoid both button holes and zips but I'm really pleased how well the zips went in with these tops - particularly the pink one.

This one was meant to have a much wider band around the base but this was the fabric I accidentally miscut. I really like that fabric and wish I'd brought more of it. Moonshine is currently wearing the pants I made from it when Rainbow was little. These are also the pants with the permanent ink mark on them. Doesn't that stripy fabric remind you of summer citrus sorbet.

I particularly like this outfit. Colourful and fun. Girly but still practical for climbing and running and doing all the things kids 'should' do. Though this one does border on looking almost a little too much like a clown! I had fun embellishing this one with some on-line tutorials. Isn't it wonderful what you can find in cyber space. The fun ruffles are from . I can really see myself using this one many more times. I also used her tip of using thicker thread for the gathering basting today on another project involving gathering a very long piece of fabric .
Don't you love the pockets. These are from . I got quite a thrill from making them They look very professional for something very easy. For child sized pockets my measurements were
for the top band - cut one rectangle 2" x 8 ½". For the pocket squares cut two pieces 4" x 5 ½".

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  1. Hey Kristine,
    Thanks for your comment! What cuties, the pockets look great, and thanks for including your mini-sized dimensions! (: