Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flower Princess

This gorgeous idea is from Zoe at Playing by the Book. http://www.kuvik.net/ztoft/playingbythebook/2009/10/16/a-crown-of-fire/

We had fun making the crown (while Moonshine ate nasturtiums) and then acting out the story of "The Frog Prince" (3 times). The finer details were a little lost on Rainbow who was very keen to share her dinner, her bed and a kiss with the frog. Once the kissed frog magically turned into Prince Bilby she wanted the frog back to play with them.


  1. Wow! Your daughter looks gorgeous :-) Thanks for the link, but more importantly it's so nice to see you making the crowns. Have you ever made pesto with nasturtiums? It's yummy, and so exciting for the girls to be able to pick the ingredients and make the sauce for supper.

  2. When I was little I was always making crowns from clover flowers, I guess nasturtiums must be the modern equivalent! I'm with Rainbow who needs a prince when you've got a cute frog to play with!