Thursday, October 15, 2009

Girly girly girl - 3 Tiered Skirt

I really like this skirt. I think this is the type of skirt I'd have loved to wear it. It calls to me. Everytime I walked past it draped over the sewing machine, I'd pick it up and hold it up against me.
Doesn't Rainbow look so grown up!

It's the result of another tutorial.

It's a funny process. When you cut the pieces out they seem enormous. I kept thinking no way will this fit. Even after gathering the bottom tier and joining it to the middle it still just seems so big.

It is really quite straight forward but it took me several attempts to gather the bottom tier (which is very big). What did I learn?
1. (having done the frill tutorial) Iused machine embroidery thread as it is much stronger.
2 To make the stitch length as long as possible and the thread tension as little as possible.
3. Pull the bobbin thread not the top thread.
4. Pull very very gentle, otherwise it tightens the threads too much in one area.
5. Secure the threads by sewing three stitches before starting to adjust the gathers.

I also learnt that if I use the zig zag to overlock I can create a rolled hem. The instruction manuel actually said it means that the stitch is too small but I think it makes a very neat finished edge.

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