Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I think I've got FAD (Fabric Attention Deficit). I haven't even got through my last list of UFOs - I'm stuck without matching buttons for the last project and already I have dived into another 5 projects and have more rumbling around in my brain.
1, last UFO
2,3,4 Firstly I've got 3 tops to make for Rainbow's spring wardrobe (6 if you count t-shirts to embellish). Here are the designs.

The Pants are complete though the stripey ones are the ones which now feature permanent marker - after a zillion coats of hairspray (and a much bigger hole in the ozone) the mark is still permanent so now I'm thinking do I patch somehow or convert to shorts.
5, I've started a felt pin cushion but have run out of black embroidery thread
6, 7 Just got out size 0 clothes for Moonshine and found two things that need repairing
8 Cool plan to restyle Rainbow's bathers into a fairy dress - not actually started
9. Been designing a play mat for the fairies - not actually started
10 Also thinking maybe I should make some clothes for Moonshine.
11. Also thinking about making some more fitted nappies for Rainbow's dolls (they all share one nappy and 3 wipes!)
12. Finally I have a spring nature table idea
Having so many projects causes a few problems.
* I have to be super organised to make sure I have the necessary bits from the study before putting Moonshine down for her sleep.
* I'm constantly changing thread on the machine
* I seem to have piles of cut fabric which wander (care of Rainbow's imaginative play)
* I have a list to remind me of where I'm up to and still I make mistakes (Yesterday I cut a piece from the wrong fabric - which happened to be an off cut I needed for another project so we've had a little change in plans)
* I've fallen terribly behind in my scrapbooks.
* Finally I get days like today where I'm too overwhelmed to do anything.

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  1. Only 12 projects rumbling around in your brain? I don't beliave a word of it!