Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Dadda Day

Thought I'd share on behalf of Rainbow Girl's her present for her Dadda. Presented in her hand painted and embellished frame was
her picture

"Dadda having up with Sophie."

the photo
and the girls' thoughts

Dadda has up with Sophie.
Dadda has cuddles
Dadda brings me into Dadda’s bed.
I’m happy.
I love Dadda.
He looks like a lady because he has haircut hair.
Dadda likes playing lego.”
Rainbow Girl (2 ¾)

Dadda, you wonder why I look surprise but
what a surprise my Dadda is:
He comes home.
He does ninja bot bots.
He comes in the splashy bath.
He has exercise songs.
He can have up with two at once.
Moonshine (7m) as told telepathically to her Mama

Happy Father's Day to my own Dad. It was lovely spending Saturday with you.

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