Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beautiful Bug Party - Part 1

Way back in June, Rainbow's cousin had a spider cake for one of his birthday celebrations. Since then Rainbow has declared that she too was going to have a spider cake. It has wavered a little at times, especially after seeing some wonderful cakes at parties but eventually returns to a spider cake. I also hadn't planned on throwing a party this year but Rainbow kept talking about "at my party" so I caved. So here it is Rainbow's bug party.

(Disclaimer - spiders, ants, snails... are not really bugs as they are missing a proboscis "True bugs suck.")

The invitation:
The flower swivels on the split pin to show the invitation.
The leaves fold back to show more of Rainbow's bugs.
The costumes:
These didn't really happen. Rainbow's grandparents brought her a cute butterfly costume for her birthday but she wasn't really interested in wearing it. Moonshine had a little spotty ladybug outfit but wouldn't wear her antenna hat. Dad did wear antenna.

The menu:

Spider cake - I used Nigella's birthday cake recipe cooked in a large and small pudding basin then iced with her fudge icing. The biscuit legs are held together with chocolate icing. Moments after I started cutting collapsed as the chocolate had melted on the warm day.
Pizza Snails - puff pastry rolled up with a filling of cheese and a tomato pasta sauce

Look What’s Landed on the Cupcakes - really just an excuse to eat lollies. One excited guest kept bringing them to me "Look ant ant!"
Butterfly and Dragonfly Cookies - this recipe then decorated before baking by brushing with milk and sprinkling with white sugar coloured with a few drops (it should still feel dry)
of food colouring Ladybugs - There are a lot of these out in cyber space. Mine are pretty simple - crackers spread with cream cheese, topped with half a cherry tomato with a slit through it and a quarter of olive. I then blended some cream cheese with olives and piped (haphazardly) on some spots.
Fruity Caterpillar Kebabs - popsticks are much more kid-safe though some fruit (eg pineapple) needs to have a hole stabbed with a knife first
Butterfly sandwiches (chicken and curried egg) - cut into triangular quarters then arranged so pairs of sandwiches lie with their points touching to make two triangular wings.

The decorations:
I didn't photograph the food table but it had
  • a dragonfly printed fabric as a tablecloth. Look under the fruit kebabs.

  • framed photos of Rainbow taken the first week of December 2008, 2007, 2008

  • giant lolly spiders hiding under and on top of the food platters

  • food labels (see fruit kebab picture above)

  • A jar of Rainbow's collaged flowers. Here are two.
The front and back are glued together with a skewer between them after Rainbow had decorated. There were others in a daisy and star shape but they were given away.
On the playground we tied bunches of balloons and a garland of butterflies. Rainbow did "blob on some paint and fold the paper in half pictures" I then cut out, accordion folded and secured with a pipecleaner. The pipecleaner is folded in half and twisted to form a tail. Then the painted body is added. The pipecleaner is then twisted some more to form the head and the ends spread to form antennas.

Here's how to get to part 2 if you'd like to read about the entertainment and party bag .


  1. Oh wow! This all looks so lovely and so full of love :-) Just gorgeous. Glad to hear that Russell wore antennae! Our Dino party is this weekend and we're nearly ready. I'm going to borrow your idea of photos of the birthday girl through the ages - so thank you for the great idea. Can't wait to read about the entertainment and goody bags!

  2. Looks like you went to a LOT of trouble for Rainbows 'bug' party. The food looks amazing! I wouldn't mind if a few of those bugs landed on my cupcakes.