Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger Card

The next birthday was for a lover of tigers. We used this idea from Kids Craft Weekly to stamp the stripes using the side of a dry sponge, we substituted a tiger for the zebra.. When we first did this activity when Rainbow was 18 months we also did spotty cheetahs using a cork. This is one of my favourite newsletter as the crafts are really great for little kids that are at an experimental level. We added a 'cat tag' with the birthday message.
To quote Mem Fox in "Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes"
"The next baby born was truly divine.
This little baby was mine all mine."
Three sleeps till Rainbow's birthday. Five sleeps till the party. Lots to share soon.


  1. Kristine you have been so busy! Cards, costumes, christmas pudding...when do you get time to breath? Happy Birthday to Rainbow! Have you seen the book Rainbow Fish? It's a fun book to read at parties and then have a "fishy" craft for the kids to do.

  2. HI Trixi,
    I do know the story with it's shimmery fish scales. When I read your comment I went "Why didn't I make the link between the name and book?" It took me a few minutes befor I remembered "Rainbow is her cyber safe name." I suspect I should aim to be a little less busy and get a little more sleep!