Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elephant Rocks

We had a mixed weekend away. Russell ended up very sick and it was really to hot to be out in the bush. The favourite part for Rainbow and I was definitely Sunday morning at Elephant Rocks. It's a tiny bay next to the main swimming beach. It's perfect for kids. It is completely flat and a very gradual slope. It also has a lovely little freshwater stream that trickles from a spring into the bay (which the girls are playing in in these photos).
I tried very hard to convince Rainbow that they were real elephants wallowing in the shallows. To the extent of carrying her out so that she could pat an elephant for the first time. She commented "They're beautifully decorated." in observance of the sea grass and sea shells attached to them.
The best part was that for most of our stay at the beach it was just us and another little family sharing the bay.


  1. Elephant Rocks looks beautiful. I agree with Rainbow those 'elephants' really were beautifully decorated. Sea grass and shells are the best! I've been collecting shells at the beach for years and still go collecting!
    Kristine your holiday photos reminded me of this post I thought you might be interested in:
    Hope you find it interesting!

  2. Wow, this looks so beautiful! Not that the view out of our window is so horrible at the moment - we've had our first snow of the season, and there's a bit of sun too so everything is sparkly and very slippy underfoot! But it does seem a world away from your beautiful beach. Being reminded of how large and wonderful the world is isn't a bad thing.