Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tree Day

Yesterday was our big Christmas tree putting up evening. I won't post a photo yet as it's still missing the addition of the train, teddy bear family and the sleigh of soft toys that live under the tree. The tree and it's zillion decorations was enough. We have a fairly traditional romantic Christmas tree with lots of twinkly lights and an array of ornaments, many of which were gifts or collected on our travels. Here are a few of my favourite (at the moment) decorations

This is a little Inuit on a sled that we brought in Banff, Canada. Doesn't he look joyful.
This is a beautiful hand painted glass ornament my brother and his girlfriend brought from the Christmas Markets in Belgium (I think). It's one of three and they are so light and delicate. There was some debate as to whether these should stay in their box this year with "Little Miss I want to pull myself up on anything" around.

This one (which is one of a pair) really surprised me as I didn't realise I'd kept it. Handmade by Rainbow aged 1.

Decorating the tree was followed by a roast chicken and a chocolate strawberry Christmas tree. Today Rainbow spent a large portion of the day undecorating the tree so that she could play with the decorations. She is so excited. Christmas gets better and better with children to share it with.

PS A friend made a suggestion regarding the pudding wish dilemma. Stay tuned until Rainbow's party on Sunday to find our solution.


  1. I really like the hand painted ornament.

    Our tree always looks so funny. The bottom half has all the non breakable and kid created ornaments and the top has the breakable grown up ornaments. I guess, I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. Hey we decorate our tree exactly the same! It seems a little scrougey to hide away the nice ones and no-one wants to spend the whole of December guarding the tree. Someone suggested to me putting a playpen around the tree but I like that my kids can play under, around and with the tree. In fact as I type Rainbow (in pyjama top, no bottoms!) is playing with one of Moonshine's toys next to the tree, complete with Christmas carols playiing and tree lights sparkling.

  3. Your tree sounds lovely - and I'm with you on the kids being able to play underneath and around it (and being able to steal the chocolates we'll eventually hang up on our!). We won't be putting up our tree until just before Christmas because M's birthday is the week before Christmas - I'm really looking forward to hearing all about Rainbow's party!