Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl

Well Rainbow's birthday has come and gone. The day started well with pancakes for breakfast. Rainbow's first present was her birthday crown “It’s lovely. It’s what a queen wears.”

This is straight from refugee crafter's very clear and simple tutorial. I'm so pleased with how it turned out and I have made another one for Moonshine's first birthday.
She then got very excited when she saw there were lots more presents. The next present was a little wooden highchair complete with some little handmade extras - 2 sets of fabric bibs and flannels and a papier mache bowl and spoon.

Rainbow had to stop and feed her baby before opening anymore presents!
I'll add the bib's template soon. While I was at it I made some little bibs in lieu of party bags for the babies. They tie in with the bug theme. The middle one with the applique was for Moonshine to wear at the party. I'll attach the template for that soon.
The birthday song caused Rainbow much confusion during the day.
During the day when people sang “Happy Birthday” to her she would stop them saying “It’s not my birthday party yet.” For desert I'd made an ice-cream lady bug (It was melting too fast to stop for photos). After singing “Happy Birthday” she said in a quiet but calm voice. “I thought more friends would be at my party”.
After more presents and a sleep for Moonshine, I headed off to the zoo with the girls. We lasted about 90 minutes before both Rainbow was in tears and saying "I'm too tired to look at the animals." So we headed back to the car with Rainbow in the pram and Moonshine in the sling. By the time we got home she was feverish and complaining of a tummy ache. We then spent the afternoon in the doctor's waiting room and me dozing with her in her bed while Moonshine destroyed her bedroom
Despite all that she had "a lovely day". One of the things I most admire about my daughter is how positive she is. I also love how she has her own ideas and works her way through them. I love how she cares for and is patient with her little sister. I love how she get's excited and the sense of humour this brings out. I love that she's always asking. She's a lovely little one to be around.


  1. Happiest of birthdays to you Rainbow from half way across the world!

  2. Happy Birthday to your darling Rainbow! The crown is so sweet. I think I will try to whip up two to add to my sweeties Christmas stockings.

  3. Happy Birthday to Rainbow! Sounds like you had quite an eventful day!